Our gym floor contains the most innovative, state of the art gym equipment around!


Electronic Cardio

Cardio exercises are an important part to have a healthy fitness routine. Supershape’s electronic cardio facility is composed of numerous equipment like heavy duty treadmills, aerobicycles, life steppers, cross trainers and life rowers.

You will be assisted on how to use this equipment for your improved cardio and fat loss benefits. Here at Supershape we have a huge range of cardio equipment including:

  • Treadmills
  • Aerobicycles
  • Life steppers
  • Life rowers
  • Cross trainers

Body Building

We have a huge range of all the best body building and strength development equipment available in Australia. Fantastic for the beginner to the advanced athlete who want the very best to help them to achieve the most.

Ladies Only Fitness & Figure Equipment

This is lighter duty, toning and fitness equipment especially designed and built for ladies, arranged in easy to follow circuits and guaranteed to tone and strengthen all the muscle groups and help burn body fat.

This specialised equipment also targets hips, thighs, abdominals, buttocks and lower back. With regular use and correct, sensible eating habits you’ll be amazed how fast and easy it is to get your body back into top shape.

Muscle and Fitness Equipment

A specially designed grid of 40 different pin loaded machines to give a time efficient overall body workout. These circuits are graded in 3 degrees of hardness,so that after about 8 weeks when you reach the peak of performance on grade 1, you then move on to grade 2 and then grade 3.

With a change of direction however you can now super tone your muscles as all the machines are now arranged in body part order with 6 different chest machines lined up in a row then all the 6 leg machines then all the 6 back machines and so on.Very time efficient, motivating and easy to achieve your goals.

Nautilus Conditioning Equipment

Supershape Trim and Tone Centre has a fantastic range of the incredible Nautilus equipment,probably more than any other gym in Australia and is suited to people requiring fitness, toning or rehabilitation without bulking up the muscles.

Supershape has two complete Nautilus circuits arranged in a time efficient sequence to guarantee a total workout on the finest fitness equipment in the world.

Strength & Fitness Express Circuit

Life Fitness Circuit Series, Strength training for everyone. This NEW overall body workout circuit is an ideal fitness and strength training solution for users of all experience levels and is very time efficient. These state of the art machines are really approachable for less experienced users, yet still give the more experienced trainee the challenging workout they crave.

This Circuit is very simple to operate ,it will motivate people to get into and stick with the fitness habit and will deliver outstanding results.