Supershape is very different to any other gym in the world

We will give you all the help you need to get the exact results you want at a price you can afford.

Here at Supershape Gym Albury you will get trained properly and professionally by two of the world's best personal trainers who have a combined 80+ years of experience in helping people achieve the results they want.

We will teach you how to stay younger for longer with a great looking fit strong body. 


Total BodiCare Program

Affordable ongoing personal training with Laurie Butler and Taylor Young who both hold many world records in lifting weights

Exercise Technique and Instruction Program

This program will suit trainees who want to know all the very best exercises for each part of their body and how to do them correctly.

One-to-One Personal Training

We will train you properly and our lovely clients just keep coming back for more because we not only improve their body, but also their life.

Full Facility Use

We have a massive gym with so much equipment with the incredible variety of equipment you won’t get boreed having to wrkout the same way every visit.

8 Reasons to Choose Us

A massive amount and fantastic range of strength and cardio equipment probably unmatched by any other gym in Australia.

The gym is set out in 8 different training areas from beginners to advanced athletes.

A dedicated ladies only weight training gym with over 45 light duty pieces of equipment and arranged in a structured and graded circuit training sequences to strengthen and tone every muscle

A muscle and fitness section with over 40 different machines including hammer strength, universal, cal gym and others arranged so you can circuit train in one direction or body build in another direction.

A Nautilus conditioning section which has 24 pieces of the most expensive equipment made and set in 2 overall body workout circuits perfectly suited for mature persons or those with arthritis or rehab needs.

Our Body Building department has a massive range of free weights, Plate and Pin loaded machines and weight lifting platforms so clients can get the most from their workouts.

A strength and fitness express circuit which utilizes the latest Life Fitness machines with 9 pieces to fast track your workout which can be used by beginners to advanced clients.

Our electronic cardio section consists of over 30 machines with treadmills, up-rite and recumbent bikes, cross trainers, rowers and steppers

About us

80+years of combined experience in fitness & Body Shaping

Make your body great with affordable personal coaching from professional bodyshaping consultants. Master coach Laurie Butler and former Miss Universe Taylor Young will money-back guarantee your results. Or, train yourself in easily the best equipped 24/7 gym in Albury. No waiting for equipment and heaps of variety.

Welcome from Supershape’s owners and operators. Master Coach – Laurie Butler and former Miss Universe -Taylor Young.

We currently hold more Australian and World records in lifting weights than any other persons in Australia and are both former champion body-builders. Laurie and Taylor have a combined over 80+ years of competing and personal training and have coached over 30,000 men, women and children how to get fitter, leaner, stronger and better looking bodies over the past 45 years.

We are the only personal trainers at Supershape and our business depends entirely on your results. If you want to lose fat, tone up, get fitter and improve your body shape then don’t put it off any longer, the results start when you do.

We invite you to try a free week trial of our unique and very affordable Total Body Reshaping ongoing personal diet and exercise program to discover how we can help you to get the fitness and body shape you want.


Laurie Butler – Master coach with over 50 years teaching experience and 50 years competition background in Olympic lifting, Bodybuilding and Powerlifting ,holder of over 40 Australian records and also a current multi world record holder.

Taylor Young – Former Miss Universe winner and current multi Powerlifting world record holder with over 30 years teaching and competition experience.

Laurie Butler & Taylor Young

World record
certificates & trophy

Laurie and Taylor with some of their World record certificates and trophy collection over many years of Powerlifting and Body building competitions

See What They Said About Us

See What They Said About Us